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Play MSP like in the 2010s!

Download for Windows 64-bits
Download for MacOS


Yes. Our goal is not to harm you by putting a virus in this program, but you get a great experience playing the old MSP.

If you get an alert message from your anti-virus software, it is simply that MSPRetro is not a known program.
You can view the analysis of VirusTotal for Windows and MacOS here.
If you still don't trust MSPRetro, you can run the game in a virtual machine.

Yes, go to the VIP tab of the game! Purchases are not refundable.

Thanks to your support, each month we donate $100 USD to a children's charity, and also $25 USD for the development of Ruffle, a Flash Player emulator.
You can follow the different actions by following Polo's Twitter.

Yes. We are working on it, but it will take time.
We will keep you informed on our news Telegram channel!

No, the game is still in development.
This means that some features have not been implemented or have been disabled for security reasons. But don't worry, this doesn't stop you from enjoying the game!

List of features not yet implemented or disabled:
  • Spin the wheel of furtune
  • Pet a petpet
  • Mini games in chatrooms
  • Casting
  • Costume shop
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